Deep Learning generated guitar solo on Hi Phi Nation podcast

One of my older tracks (trained on a LSTM) to generate a 80s shred inspired guitar solo ( mostly done for laughs and quite embarrassing in hindsight 🙂 ) got featured on the Hi Phi Nation podcast. You can listen to the episode here:

Great episode exploring AI and machine-generated music technologies and AI-generated compositions. My AI-generated solo ( around the 45 minute mark) faced off against two guitarists which was fun and also hilarious with comments from the guitarists on the AI solo such as “reminded  me  of  like droids  from  Star  Wars”, “No structure to it” etc).

Generating AI-driven creativity is an extremely intriguing topic and my personal research continues on embedding AI models in chord or note sequences to enhance creativity. I think the peak experience of personalized music composition using AI has to be a human/machine collaboration (atleast until singularity occurs and blows our collective understanding of reality away). This is an exciting space with my latest muse being the open source libraries being released such as audiocraft that are powered by dynamic music generation language model. More experiments incoming.

PS: I had a whole blog post on the mechanics of generating the solo here.

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